Homemade Sausage & Burgers

Homemade sausages traditionally made with sheep and hogg casings using only the finest ingredients, combined with locally sourced pork. Traditional cumberland and a variety of speciality flavoured sausages are available.


Cumberland breakfast
Cumberland & blackpudding
Pork breakfast
Pork chipolata
Pork & leek
Wild Boar & apple
Wild Boar & damson
Duck & chilli jam
Duck & damson
Game & redcurrant
Pheasant, honey & mustard
Pork, stilton & mango
Pork & smoked stilton
Venison & cranberry
Venison & cracked black pepper
Venison & sweet chilli
Trio of sausage of any variety
Cold smoked cumberland
Hot smoked cumberland


Pheasant burger (100g)
Venison burger (100g)
Venison burger (200g)
Game & redcurrant burger (100g)
Cumberland burger (100g)
Venison & cranberry grill sticks (Packed in 4)

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