Poultry & Ducklings


Our Poultry, which is mostly corn-fed has a bright yellow skin and gives that extra special flavour to the meat.




Corn-Fed Chicken Oven-ready
Corn-Fed Chicken breast
Corn-Fed Poussin
Chicken breast
Smoked Chicken breast
Chicken Liver

Guinea Fowl Oven-ready
Guinea Fowl breast

Quail Oven-ready
Quail Eggs (Packed in 18)
Smoked Quail Eggs (packed in 12)




Traditionally bred in France theses free range Barbury ducks have a rich texture and delicious flavour.



Barbury Duckling Oven-Ready
Barbury Duck breast (male & female)
Barbury Duck Leg (female)
Barbury Duck Leg (male)

Confit Duck Legs (cooked)

Smoked Duck breast
Smoked Duck breast sliced (100g)

Duck Eggs
Duck Liver
Duck Fat (3.5kg)
Foie Gras

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