Venison is becoming more and more popular and is naturally low in fat and has an excellent flavour.

Cartmel Valley Game can supply three species of locally sourced venison, Red, Roe & Fallow.

Red/Fallow Deer

Red Venison saddle
Fallow Venison saddle
Venison strip loin
Venison cold smoked strip loin
Venison haunch
Venison haunch boned & rolled
Venison mini rump joints
Venison steaks
Venison medallions stuffed with venison & cranberry meat
Venison henrys
Venison shanks
Venison diced
Venison minced
Venison liver
Venison & cranberry sausage
Venison & sweet chilli sausage
Venison & cracked black pepper sausage
Venison burgers (100g)
Venison burgers (200g)
Venison & cranberry grill sticks (packed in 4)
Smoked Venison
Smoked Venison sliced (100g)

Roe Deer

Roe Venison saddle
Venison striploin
Venison haunch
Venison boned & rolled
Venison steak

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